January 11, 2011

Process: Coleman Painting

Thought I post how I do one of those tribute sheets. 

I start with penciling out the outlines on a light table. I used to just use tracing paper and flip it over and then trace out the same drawing. Leaving a graphite residue, or transfer on the paper.
Only problem is I had a tendency to press too hard.

Same reason I don't use too hard a pencil, because it leaves grooves, and you know what happens when you change your mind in the inking part? You get grooves where you want your fades.
Looks bad. You end up just blacking out the grooves. From what I've found there is a lot of black in these paintings, but it's very important where it is.

Then I get my lining on. Start by dropping all pens. No sharpie in my humble opinion.

 I find Speedball to be a very good product for lining.
(Feel free to send me some free bottles anytime)
I learned to use a nib that doesn't waver too much.
Pointy tips = Calligraphy. I want the lines to be even. 

I screwed up when I erased it and got a smudge. I'll see if I can fix it with shading.

Use good brushes. It's a lot harder to paint with crappy brushes.
I use the Windsor & Newton Series 7.

So sometimes I do the black first, and other times I do it last.
Here I will do it first to show the process.

Sometimes at the end I go clean up the lines due to thick colors covering over,
but I usuallly leave them.

Now if I repeat every week, in ten years my stuff might be alright.