March 31, 2011

A section of flash available next weekend at the Tattoo Convention in Vancouver.

One year later. Jeremy X Jeremy

Did a rough sketch a while ago, 
Jeremy Riley 2009

 Then did a better version to make a new shop shirt.

 Instead of printing it, I sent it to Jeremy Shantz in Montreal.
Here's a couple of versions of what he did:

Jeremy Shantz Spring 2010

Jeremy Shantz Spring 2010

 There is an art show starting this Friday April 1st, at The Goods Screening and Apparel, 
featuring wearable art, and this t-shirt design above will be available there. 

So one year later I finally colored my old lines. 
I took the old line drawing and painted it this week, and it will be at the show.
There will also be some prints available.

Jeremy Riley Watercolor March 2011

It's funny how it all started from a little sketch in the sketchbook.

March 07, 2011

Black is a good start.

In Progress:



Here's some paintings at the shaded stage.
It's hard to add color sometimes. 
In fact I'm not sure if all of them will get color.

March 05, 2011

Wearable Art @ The Goods

Art Show this April 1st, (no joke) featuring some great art, some of it is also available as t-shirts!
The Goods will be printing shirts based on designs received from the artists.
You might not be able to afford a painting on the first, but you can afford a t-shirt!
See ya there.

Link to Facebook Event here

 2 year anniversary of The Goods Screening & Apparel!
Congrats, guys! 

March 02, 2011