November 15, 2014

some paintings from jeremy, these along with about 67 other paintings are up at antisocial skateshop here in vancouver until the end of november, check it out if you're in the neighbourhood
The good ones always get away, bandit girl escaping from the gallows. tattoo by logan

October 16, 2014

Thursday October 30 at 8:00pm we as a shop along with guests will be showing some art at Antisocial Skateshop in Vancouver, join us for cheap beers and help us open the gates for a great halloween

October 14, 2014

A little organ tickler for Country Boot
Tattoo By Jeremy Riley

Logan aka The Log getting peppery with some dusty boys

October 04, 2014

A few recents by the Log
Eagle by Jeremy
By Jeremy
Badgers gotta eat.
Tattoo by Logan

Bird by Jeremy
by Logan Morrison

August 04, 2014

some new tattoos from logan

thanks. call the shop if you want to get tattooed. 604 873 5898

January 07, 2014

Hokusai, Hardy, and Riley

This Dragon's telling secrets to a big cat from Brooklyn. 
Thanks for looking. 

First week of January

Fun tattoo on Out of Town Eric. 

Thanks for bring so trusting and for having great ideas and having an open mind. 
Eric asked for a Panther and dagger. Then he asked for a skull to go next to it and he mentioned he still wanted a bowling pin eagle. 

Drew it on with a couple of stencil pieces and...

Thanks for reading. 

Jeremy R.