June 19, 2010

Welcome To T-U

This was just a blog I started for myself, but I'm not so much into that, so I'll just start over if it's all the same to you.

Welcome to the Tattoo Union blog. 

Tattoo Union is located in the Lee Building, at the corner of Main and Broadway, in the Uptown/ Mt.Pleasant area of East Vancouver. We opened in April 2008, and have had an amazing time building it to where it is now. Thank you to everyone, who has come by.

We are open 6 days a week, and take care of customers as efficiently as possible in the most researched of ways. We spend hours on drawings at no charge.

As I am not too good with technology, and I am trying to get better, will probably just focus on what I need to, which is tattooing, drawing, painting, and being an awesome dad and good friend. I'll let the others at the shop post, and we’ll all try to keep you posted on the daily life in the shop. It’s fun here, in this growing mini-metropolis of Vancouver, and we have a nice little corner of the city. 

We happen to be home to the nicest customers in the city. Our customers bring very great ideas to the table, and mixed with our blend of creativity makes for a pretty crazy combination.

Feel free to come by the shop if you have any ideas for tattoos, from the smallest letters to complete coverage, we do it all. You can also send e-mails to the artists if you have any questions regarding hours, or directions.
Thanks for reading to here.